The Lead Us to Literacy and Let Us Lead! Project: Our Workbooks
Literacy Workbooks

ELF workbooks are available in English and French.

Our workbooks and materials are available to Canadian registered charities.

Our unique workbooks focus on Canadian-relevant themes about Indigenous, multicultural issues, Canada’s parliamentary system, and civic responsibilities. The workbooks teach:

  • verbal, phonetic, comprehension, and writing skills
  • confidence, leadership, and vocational skills
  • fundamental financial skills
  • The method used in the workbooks encourages respect and inclusiveness.
    Four simple steps improve students' literacy skills:

    • 1. Enhance/Build verbal skills
    • 2. Enhance/Build phonetic skills
    • 3. Enhance/Build comprehension skills
    • 4. Enhance/Build confidence to bring clear writing skills to level of speaking skills

    Our workbooks are easy to use for community volunteers from various educational backgrounds.


    The ELF training does an exceptional job of combining very practical skills and techniques to develop literacy among youth and the underlying philosophy of raising youth aspirations by teaching respect for others and oneself. By imbuing students with core literacy skills and deep respect for others and themselves, the program creates a virtuous cycle that can change students' lives.

    ~ Pathways to Education