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Ashoka - a global thought-leader on poverty says this about the ELF... "(The ELF) is an organization with innovative approaches to developing literacy as a means of social inclusion and to support individuals and societies to thrive. (Their) leadership can create transformative change on a continental scale." canada.ashoka.org

The Lead Us to Literacy and Let Us Lead! Project

"The Lead Us to Literacy and Let Us Lead!" Project is designed to improve students' basic literacy, vocational, financial, and leadership skills and includes these three skill-enhancement programs:

The Core Literacy Program

Through our workbooks and training, our partners will engage children in developing their verbal, phonetic, written, and comprehension skills.

The Literacy in Vocational Educational (LIVE) Program and the The Literacy in Financial Educational (LIFE) Program

Youth will be engaged in developing the literacy and life skills needed to find and sustain a job, pursue a career, and learn basic financial literacy skills to manage their earnings.

The Literacy in Leadership (LIL) Program

Students in ELF-supported programs will be taught that a good leader CARES (they cultivate Compassion, Advocacy, Respect, Education, and then Speaks up!).

The Lead Us to Literacy and Let Us Lead! Project is important to our partners because:
  • Provincial and Federal support for literacy is limited. Where support exists, many programs cannot meet enormous community needs. The ELF's materials and training produce effective, fast, tangible success.
  • Our materials are highly inclusive of new Canadian and aboriginal children in a way that is ethical, sensitive, and empowering.
  • Our partners feel disenfranchised from funding opportunities and opportunities for creating a voice for their needs. The ELF provides guidance in the areas of fundraising and support in making their needs known.
  • Our simple and effective literacy materials within the programs we support are making profoundly positive changes in communities ready for growth.