The Excellence in Literacy Foundation: Important Facts

Canada’s Illiteracy Crisis

Literacy is becoming a luxury item in Canada. Socio-economic status and race are two of the strongest determinants for Canadian illiteracy.

Please note that these are not statistics from a developing country. These are Canadian statistics:

"The Canadian economy could enjoy a $32-billion boost if literacy rates were improved by only one per cent," says Craig Alexander, deputy chief economist of TD Bank Financial Group (2007).

As members of a grassroots literacy organization, our partners, directors, and volunteers appreciate this weighty challenge, but we are undaunted. The passion, vision, and success within the programs we support are inspiring.

Through its partners, the ELF has recognized that our simple and effective literacy programs are making profoundly positive changes in communities ready for growth. Canada needs vision, direction, and experience in order to initiate community development through literacy.


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Content last updated December 8th, 2011